Sunday, 28 November 2010


I do not believe that I must comment on the recent Lipstick release as with multiple reviews commenting on the same problem, I believe, will be enough for you medolls, no? 

If you indeed need my opinion, I think it is pathetic that magazines have lost their originality and I have a nauciating feeling that it will get worse from this point on. I just hope that someone will prove me wrong. 

In other news, it seems, that SaltyDan has decided (or had the idea to) open a blog about 'Welites' which is, what I believe to be, ''Wannabe Elites.''

According to blog King of Media, Dan states that he wants to open the blog to harass ''WELITES.'' Personally, I think this is a ridiculous idea. I am sure many would enjoy it, but is it fair to ruin someone's reputation before they even have one?

I'm told by a source that Dan spends several hours on clubs such as ''Fashion Club'', ''Original Club'' and previously ''Animal Lovers'' creating topics and replying to responses. Some of these topics are there to harass people for example, making members of the club comment certain hurtful messages into peoples guestbooks.

*Image from KOM*

With a quick glance of his guestbook, I don't get a good vibe at all. It seems where ever his name appears, constant rude comments appear. 

Gossip Girl thinks little Dan has a problem in himself if he must harass people to make him feel better. 

Dan, let it out.


Gossip Girl


VampireLady33/Milena said...

he is really lame.

Ciara said...

Wow... Dan is being pure cruel :/
That's so mean, especially when you're saying those things about someone you barely know.

Anonymous said...

he's funny imo

Miss_LolitaF said...

He's being cruel.

Anonymous said...

LOL i love saltydan he is fuckin funny!