Tuesday, 23 November 2010

MDM Disaster

As I scrolled down the stunning page of Medoll Memoires this evening, I reached one of Lolita's posts (Perhaps her first? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

As I read, my heart bled for Isabella and Noelle. MDM is one of Gossip Girl's favourites and I read their blog as the posts are always perfectly written and highly interesting. I don't think I have ever read half a post - I always finished... Well, until now.

Naive Lolita who is ''supposedly'' from the USA, has posted, not only an unbelievably boring post (After all, who cares about the first FREE item we had in our Stardoll suites? I know I don't!) but also a horribly written post. Excuse my opinions if you disagree, and apologies to Lolita but, please.

Am I being harsh? To be honest with you Stardollians, I do not care. 

Take a look yourself, and if anyone can call this a ''Well written and interesting piece'' indeed needs to be educated further.

Is Lolita hiding a secret? Gossip Girl highly doubts L is from the United States.

And you?


Gossip Girl


VampireLady33/Milena said...

she is from Albania, and I was really dissapointed to see her on one of my favorite blogs (well not anymore) and her idea is so not original.

Anonymous said...

N & I only hired her for publicly for the blog. Just wait, L will get fired very soon once their done using her.

Anonymous said...


I personally thought it was good considering it was her first post, but we all have different opinions.

Kim/ x

Isabella.Arci said...

Lolita's first post has mixed reviews. Some kids have actually responded quite positively.

When I posted my first article at PSG, I "suffered" the same opinions. Some loved it, but a huge chunk thought my article was quite lengthy & "not-kid-vocabulary-friendly", haha, whatever that meant.

But Perez believed in me. And that confidence has challenged me to write better.

I guess it all depends at the interest, the age bracket, & how "news worthy" an article is.

It might not be Lolita's strongest welcome but let's see what she has to say in her upcoming articles.

We just can't push someone down when she's just learning how to walk.


Anonymous said...

what are her mistakes in the post?

Anonymous said...

it is written in her presentation she is not from usa but she lives there

MJacksonsGirl said...

I don't understand what the big deal is? What secret? Why are you suspicious?

iswim19 said...

L is from Albania.


They exposed her long ago.
Where've you been all this time?


hannahlovescake said...

I didn't get the point of her article. I just saw her new post...and...I'm not going to say it.