Sunday, 28 November 2010


I do not believe that I must comment on the recent Lipstick release as with multiple reviews commenting on the same problem, I believe, will be enough for you medolls, no? 

If you indeed need my opinion, I think it is pathetic that magazines have lost their originality and I have a nauciating feeling that it will get worse from this point on. I just hope that someone will prove me wrong. 

In other news, it seems, that SaltyDan has decided (or had the idea to) open a blog about 'Welites' which is, what I believe to be, ''Wannabe Elites.''

According to blog King of Media, Dan states that he wants to open the blog to harass ''WELITES.'' Personally, I think this is a ridiculous idea. I am sure many would enjoy it, but is it fair to ruin someone's reputation before they even have one?

I'm told by a source that Dan spends several hours on clubs such as ''Fashion Club'', ''Original Club'' and previously ''Animal Lovers'' creating topics and replying to responses. Some of these topics are there to harass people for example, making members of the club comment certain hurtful messages into peoples guestbooks.

*Image from KOM*

With a quick glance of his guestbook, I don't get a good vibe at all. It seems where ever his name appears, constant rude comments appear. 

Gossip Girl thinks little Dan has a problem in himself if he must harass people to make him feel better. 

Dan, let it out.


Gossip Girl

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Goodbye... Forever?

I've come to the simple conclusion that on Stardoll, we can never have our cake and eat it.

With the return of Isabella, Noelle, Mary and Chad we have the exit of, what we could call, a very important part of Stardoll's history - The loved and hated ''He-She'' that is... Springate. 

I will not lie. I'm not sad nor disappointed that Anthony has left Dollywood. I haven't heard much of him for a long time now, but I know for definite that many will miss him. 

The one question which keeps passing my mind is that, Is this exit genuine, or will he be back in a matter of weeks...or days...or hours? 

Dearly missed? Or another lost and forgotten Stardoll soul never to be spoken of again?

So many questions but...

Only time will tell.

Gossip Girl thinks he will be back. 

And you?


Gossip Girl

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

MDM Disaster

As I scrolled down the stunning page of Medoll Memoires this evening, I reached one of Lolita's posts (Perhaps her first? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

As I read, my heart bled for Isabella and Noelle. MDM is one of Gossip Girl's favourites and I read their blog as the posts are always perfectly written and highly interesting. I don't think I have ever read half a post - I always finished... Well, until now.

Naive Lolita who is ''supposedly'' from the USA, has posted, not only an unbelievably boring post (After all, who cares about the first FREE item we had in our Stardoll suites? I know I don't!) but also a horribly written post. Excuse my opinions if you disagree, and apologies to Lolita but, please.

Am I being harsh? To be honest with you Stardollians, I do not care. 

Take a look yourself, and if anyone can call this a ''Well written and interesting piece'' indeed needs to be educated further.

Is Lolita hiding a secret? Gossip Girl highly doubts L is from the United States.

And you?


Gossip Girl

Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Things Come in Twos

The ''unstoppable'' duo Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page have moved back into Dollywood after a long awaited disappearance, and I'll be honest - I missed them.

With them, they bring back ''Fashion's Favourite'' blog - Memoires of a Medoll. Exciting, huh?

It seems Tyler will have more competition than he imagined. Memoires of a Medoll is a hit with fashion lovers and maybe Tyler's Top Trends won't be the Best Fashion Blog in Dollywood again (Can someone remind me when it ever was?)

Not only have Isabella and Noelle returned, but not long after their appearance, ''Queen Mary'' (Writemarycat) flew into Dollywood airport and announced her return, and with her she brings her ''King'' (Madworld) who has re-opened his blog Late Night with Chad

The question is - What does this mean for us?

More FG and Mary Walkerson projects?

2 successful, re-opened blogs?

Perhaps our Christmas present has came early or perhaps these ''precious'' members will make no difference to Dollywood this time around.

Only time will tell.


Gossip Girl

Desperate Kasia Cries For Help

It seems Kasia is in quite a state after the devastating ''hacking'' of her account. K has recently uploaded proof pictures of who her accused hacker is, but the medoll accused denies all accusations, then again, who would admit to such a Dollywood crime?

The accused hacker is currently selling her account. Darling, if you are going to deny accusations, at least keep your account until the publicity backs down. Why would you sell your account at this time unless you knew whatever ''reputation'' you had before was ruined because of your horrid crime?

Poor little Kasia. 
Horrible little Hacker.

For once, I highly doubt this is anything to do with a publicity stunt.

I hope all works out for Kasia. I know how it feels to be hacked. And to sum it up in one word - Nightmare (and the worst you will ever have!)


Gossip Girl