Thursday, 25 November 2010

Goodbye... Forever?

I've come to the simple conclusion that on Stardoll, we can never have our cake and eat it.

With the return of Isabella, Noelle, Mary and Chad we have the exit of, what we could call, a very important part of Stardoll's history - The loved and hated ''He-She'' that is... Springate. 

I will not lie. I'm not sad nor disappointed that Anthony has left Dollywood. I haven't heard much of him for a long time now, but I know for definite that many will miss him. 

The one question which keeps passing my mind is that, Is this exit genuine, or will he be back in a matter of weeks...or days...or hours? 

Dearly missed? Or another lost and forgotten Stardoll soul never to be spoken of again?

So many questions but...

Only time will tell.

Gossip Girl thinks he will be back. 

And you?


Gossip Girl


Éffy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

I think he'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Love him :D:D

iswim19 said...

Yeah yeah. He'll be back again.