Monday, 13 December 2010

An unbearable urge

I can see it now. 

The devastation on each of your faces as your precious Gossip Girl failed to post after multiple weeks. Well, indeed I should have prepared you for such an absence, but I felt I would be forgotten such as so many Gossip Girls before I, and that if I said nothing you would think I had abandoned the role as Dollywood's very own Gossip Girl. 

But indeed I have not. After a short trip to the Philippines, I have returned more determined than ever to provide you all with a blog that I know (secretly or publicly) you all love to read.

I have had an idea. It is not a new idea, but then again, how many ideas brought to our attention in Dollywood at this time are?  

I am quite sure that you all remember a blog that went by the name of ''The A List.'' Some members loved it, whilst others found it unjust to label and order members. I, admittedly am one which enjoyed the blog and I feel that with the blog inactive, that a good idea has become a terrible waste.

Then I realised. What is stopping someone from reliving the blog? What is stopping I, Dollywood's very own Gossip Girl to bring back apart of a blog which has past away long ago.

I feel an urge, an unbearable urge to start up my own ''A-list, B-list...'' right here on this blog. 

But who would feature on these lists? Who would moan and who would cheer these lists on? Is it a good idea, or is this journey going to be a short one?

Gossip Girl does not need confirmation from anyone, in the end up, she will do as she pleases. But, then again, what is a Gossip Girl without her little helpers?

Shall I pursue my plans of an A-list, B-list and so on? Who would my little helpers like to see on the list?

Whether you tell me your thoughts or not, I am sure you will be hearing a lot more from me.


Gossip Girl