Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Things Come in Twos

The ''unstoppable'' duo Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page have moved back into Dollywood after a long awaited disappearance, and I'll be honest - I missed them.

With them, they bring back ''Fashion's Favourite'' blog - Memoires of a Medoll. Exciting, huh?

It seems Tyler will have more competition than he imagined. Memoires of a Medoll is a hit with fashion lovers and maybe Tyler's Top Trends won't be the Best Fashion Blog in Dollywood again (Can someone remind me when it ever was?)

Not only have Isabella and Noelle returned, but not long after their appearance, ''Queen Mary'' (Writemarycat) flew into Dollywood airport and announced her return, and with her she brings her ''King'' (Madworld) who has re-opened his blog Late Night with Chad

The question is - What does this mean for us?

More FG and Mary Walkerson projects?

2 successful, re-opened blogs?

Perhaps our Christmas present has came early or perhaps these ''precious'' members will make no difference to Dollywood this time around.

Only time will tell.


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KingofMedia said...

I kinda really like you! Even though the whole return of Isabella and Noelle is old news, I love your writing!

Baya Nikolas said...

Keep it up :D

HausOfGossip said...

I actually really like this but I have something to say about this wrong info about Mary:

"Mary are you really back on SD because that's what TTT and PSG says. I'm guessing they're all so eager to gossip that they forgot to question "is she really?" lol

They really forgot that question... Seriously, guys should start reading my formspring :) "

heheh...I came across to this on her formspring. She will be missed but I'm as eager as you to see more MeDollMemories :)

Isabella.Arci said...

Thank you for the warm welcome! The blog is still under a lot of deliberation & tweaking. We are still trying to get a feel of what really works. Hopefully by Christmas, the layout & our team will be finalized. Noelle & I are still slaving on the graphics.

Wish us luck!


vanilladream123 said...

I love that blog :D