Monday, 22 November 2010

Desperate Kasia Cries For Help

It seems Kasia is in quite a state after the devastating ''hacking'' of her account. K has recently uploaded proof pictures of who her accused hacker is, but the medoll accused denies all accusations, then again, who would admit to such a Dollywood crime?

The accused hacker is currently selling her account. Darling, if you are going to deny accusations, at least keep your account until the publicity backs down. Why would you sell your account at this time unless you knew whatever ''reputation'' you had before was ruined because of your horrid crime?

Poor little Kasia. 
Horrible little Hacker.

For once, I highly doubt this is anything to do with a publicity stunt.

I hope all works out for Kasia. I know how it feels to be hacked. And to sum it up in one word - Nightmare (and the worst you will ever have!)


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ginaSD said...

kas is my favorite elite. i hope she gets her stuff back